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Cyberpunk Life – Changelog

Publié le : 03/06/2024

Here are all the changelogs for the incremental game Cyberpunk Life.
Current version is 0.65.
The game is available here:

Cyberpunk Life – Beta 0.5 : (live: 26 April 2024)

  • Added a mobile version (but it still has some bugs)
  • Added a system to speed up time, to catch up missing time when the game tab has been inactive.
  • Added the Net and data tabs.
  • Added a link to this Discord server in the options
  • Lots of debug on the Org tab (and other tabs)
  • Major changes on the economy and the speed of the game, but there is still a lot of work to do about the 2nd half of the game

Cyberpunk Life – Beta 0.6 : (live: 27 May 2024)

  • Added a story panel
  • Added pill subscription system
  • Lots of new unlockable objects in the store
  • Completed (almost) the mobile version
  • The speed up time (after inactive tab) is faster
  • Description of body modifications effect
  • Relaxation bonus affects itself
  • Added info (days to next level) & debug tooltips on tabs Work and Skill
  • Added a autoscratch upgrade on scratchcards
  • Added planner (auto select jobs & skills) upgrade
  • Changed « Org » economy & debug
  • Various debug

Cyberpunk Life – Beta 0.65 : (live: 13 June 2024)

  • Fixed org economy + debug
  • Debug requirements shown in store
  • Bigger scratches on scratchcards before upgrades
  • Changed store graphics and added conversation texts
  • Confirmation window before save delete
  • Condition for unlocking story element is visible after unlock
  • Time multiplier slider (only for debug, but will be added in the late game in a next update)
  • Changed save system
  • Debug hacking minigame + added clusters
  • Motherboards and body modifications unlockable
  • Pills are more powerful and last longer
  • Net tab is unlock later in the game
  • Home / Gear show adjusted price
Paul Pool
Dev / rédacteur